Meet the Team

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Kylie Nicholson

President and Director



  • President of DSN for 1 year
  • Director of DSN for 1 year
  • Volunteer at DSN for 2 years
  • Former President of CAN for 2 years
  • Former Volunteer at Clubhouse for 5 years


  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Diploma of Community Services

Jenny Nicholson

Secretary and Office Manager



  • Secretary of DSN for 1 year
  • Office Manager of DSN for 1 year
  • Volunteer at DSN for 2 years
  • Former Treasurer of CAN for 1 year
  • Former Secretary of Clubhouse for 5 years
  • Former Volunteer of Clubhouse for 5 years


  • Diploma of Counselling at TAFE
  • Diploma of IT at TAFE
  • Studying Bachelor of Business Admin
  • Studying Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching)

Sandra Rose

Treasurer and Supervisor



  • DV survivor
  • Worked with Indigenous people who have behaviour problems as an Indigenous Teacher Aide
  • Former President of Dalby State Preschool
  • Former Treasurer at Dalby State School
  • Former ATSI Committee Member
  • Peer Support Worker at DSN
  • Acting Treasurer at DSN


  • Diploma of Business

Our Story


The Depression Support Network Inc. (Toowoomba)  is also known as DSN.


A small group of concerned citizens met in May 2006 at Jilly’s Café to discuss the support available in Toowoomba for sufferers of depression and their families.We discovered through our research that depression support services in Toowoomba could be enhanced.

We wanted to fill gaps in services as we understood them.Since May 2006, a very committed and growing band of Toowoomba citizens, including all mental illness sufferers and health professionals, has met regularly to fashion a Peer Support Network which we believe is desperately needed.We have established a resource centre and regular support groups. Workshops, forums and training courses on understanding and managing mental illness are held regularly.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the benefits of peer support to help support those with mental illness and suicidal thoughts. If more people have access to peer support, less people will end up in the mental health unit at hospital, in jail or victims of suicide.

We listen without judgement, and provide the best support we can.  And when we can not help, we link the people with the services that can, like Lifeline for Counselling. And we provide ongoing support.

DSN is a community organisation that is led and managed by peers. We provide peer support  in the Toowoomba Region to those affected by a mental illness, together with those in their circle of care. At DSN, we value:

  • Friendship & Belonging
  • The worth of each Individual
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Compassion & Care
  • Recovery
  • Hope, and
  • Support

We improve the quality of life of those affected by a mental illness by encouraging hope, coping skills, resources, education and by reducing stigma and discrimination.  We also offer Suicide Intervention training and support for the most desparate amongst us.

It's been over 10 years, and we are still here.





And we are here to help you and listen to your story, so you can end the pain without ending your life.

If you need to talk...

We are right opposite Centrelink if you need to talk. Click the button to send us a message, or ring us now.

Hope to see you, Monday, Wednesday or Friday, 10-3.